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Recently TMS Software released a FTP Uploader which I tried and liked because of its simplicity, but I was not satisfied with it because it did not reset itself to inform the user that the upload was successful so I developed an alternate app. similar to the TMS application using a TMS component called WebCopy.

My application is called WebFTP.  WebFTP is a small but easy to use application to quickly upload files to a web server using FTP.   Just select the Options button or press the F8 key and enter your user name, password, port (if necessary), the ftp host (or server) and the remote server folder you want the files to be sent to.   Then just drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to WebFTP and the dropped files will be uploaded to the specified server folder.

The application displays information about the status of the upload including the bytes uploaded,  transfer rate, elapsed time, along with a progress bar status.  The status information and progress bar are reset after each file is uploaded.  In addition WebFTP maintains a log file of all uploads and allows use of the clipboard to paste html links to a webpage or other document.  A list of files for a selected remote folder can also be viewed.

WebFTP installs from a InnoSetup Installer and includes a help file.  WebFTP can be downloaded here.   Any comments about WebFTP can be posted on this blog.


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